Safety tips in Exercise

Starting an Exercise program

Posted: June 6, 2014
By: Dr Dave Hutchison DC

Hi Everone,

Dr. Dave Hutchsion here with some safety tips on exercise.  First is getting started, which is the point of this first blog.  Set up your exercise like a vacation, shopping with a list, or a client appointment.  You need to committ to a time, duration, and goals of the program.  Some people are morning people and other are night people.  Figure out which works for you and start your exercise program with a time to exericse, how long, and goals, both short and long term, in mind.  Ready to get started.  OK!  

Example you work and want to exercise after work, so your time to exercise is 5pm, 6pm etc.  This one is easy.  Next is duration.  In the begning, like starting a new job, don't expect to work out for hours.  Start with 5 minute warm up.  This is cardio and examples are an exercise bike, treadmill, jump rope.  Second is the exercise.  Be careful in the begning not to over do.  I suggest 5 reps and 2 sets of mild weights.  Most gyms have a circute or a series of machines in a an area that is the workout.  After doing the program for a few weeks increase the weight amount and rep/sets.  Third is the cool down.  Go to that area if they have one.  Look for people stretching as one way to find it.  If none do the last few exercises slowly or find a cool quiet place and relax let your pulse return to normal.  The last part is Goals. 

Set up short term goals such as, getting into a routine of daily exercise, committing to the program, etc.  the long term goals are varried and can include:  ability to run ___ miles, loose weight from ___ to ___, build endurance, build strength, do 10 pushups, etc.  Just keep it simple and focused.  Its ok to have 4 or 5 of these long term goals.   Try to remember to make goals realistic and achievable.  But most of all have fun while exercising.  Look for more blogs on exercise and if you have any specific issues please email Dr. Dave at