Patient Testimonials

To whom it may concern,

Battling migraines, since I can remember, has been extremely difficult. I had tried just about everything. I would deal with migraines anywhere from one to four times a week and encounter the classic symptoms such as vomiting, which is not a fun thing for anyone. There had been several times when I would have to leave work early because the pain was unbearable. I would also miss class, which is difficult to do at the college level. Traditional medicine would seem to help short term however, the pills would only blanket the pain and I would eventually develop a tolerance for the meds.

Chiropractic care has helped me tremendously with my migraines and more. I might get a migraine twice a month since starting chiropractic treatment. The quality of care at South Corona Chiropractic is phenomenal. They are always considerate of my needs and encourage me to ask questions. They are also great about keeping their patients informed through newsletters and via e-mail. Not only would I recommend chiropractic in general, to others, I would strongly encourage them to go to South Corona Chiropractic in order to receive the best care.



Dear Dr. Hutchison,

I just wanted to thank you for relieving me of several years of back, neck and shoulder pain. It has been years since I felt this good!

Prior to meeting you, I had consulted with several other physicians. I was advised to use heating pads, pain killers and/or sport creams. Unfortunately, none of these remedies helped me for more than a few hours.

Since I have been coming to you for treatment my back, shoulders, and neck pain has gone away. I no longer feel tense and I've noticed that other parts of my body don't ache.

I am so happy to reap the benefits of having a good Chiropractor.

Thanks again to you and your friendly staff,